So I Married a Rocket Scientist?

Rockets 001a

Rockets 005c

Rockets 007d

Rockets 117s

Rockets 012f

Rockets 027i

Rockets 087p

Rockets 119t

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… BLAST OFF!

Rockets 128u

Rockets 018g

Rockets 131w

Rockets 130v

Rockets 020h



5 thoughts on “So I Married a Rocket Scientist?

  1. Wow!! That looks amazing!! Love that pic of Laurel running away 🙂

    Just out of interest, I think our girls have the same sandals – are they Keen? If so, aren’t they great (recent Keen convert – can you tell ??)

    1. Yes, they are Keens! I buy the girls a pair every summer because we have officially banned flip-flops from the summer wardrobe. They are so versatile, protecting toes in and out of the water. I have three pairs myself!

      1. They are definitely a summer must have, in fact I’m thinking I ‘must have’ some now! I’m very slightly envious of you having three pairs!

      2. I should clarify – I have only one pair of Keen sandals for summer but I also have two pairs of Keen Presidios (one black, one brown). They are super comfy athletic/hiking shoes that I wear almost daily in the other three seasons, except when I am wearing my snow boots!

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